Divinely Created

I always know when I am in a good space, I start creating.

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To conceive an original idea or spin on something already existing is a gift or energy from our CREATOR. Turning that gift of thought into a tangible thing is a very spiritual event.

Ariba Rising

Above there is grapefruit and turmeric undergoing dehydration, below are oil blends and different types of rose waters I made.

I believe that we were put here on this earth to love, evolve and to create. Creation is a Divine gift from (our) Creator, hence why two things automatically happen: 1. Therapeutic meditation which soothes, heals and grounds

2. It adds to the world’s collective growth in medicine, intellect, joy,

My Sunburst Soap

grapefruit, lemon, orange, CBD, Himalayan salt, turmeric and honey blend.

All Natural Spa In a Bar. Look at the natural ingredients busting out the seams. It’s very rejuvenating.

Dehydrating Turmeric to add to my soap.

Everything below is CBD, rose oil, Himalayan salt, turmeric, rose petal, honey infused

Cannabis Infused Mediterranean Seasoned Olive Oil

After the final betrayal of my life it took me close to a year to get out of the bed of deep depression and heartbreak. When I did, creativity came to pull me out of my darkness.

As well as jump starting me to create my own company of infused products, which then gave me something other to focus on, beside than pain.

Lastly spirit sat me back down once I was refocused to dig deep into my soul’s divinity to begin my healing process. I call it “Universal Therapy”.

Mind Body and Soul Rehab

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