Chronic Health Trauma

Sometimes the emotional toll of illness is as bad if, not worse than the illness itself. And let me tell you “boy don’t I know it”.

What Do I Consider Poor Health Trauma? Well, I can only speak for myself. I know through my own personal experience how guilt, depression, fear and uselessness can overwhelm and annihilate a person’s sense of purpose and worth.

Examples of chronic illness include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease, HIV/AIDS, lupus and multiple sclerosis. More info

Here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. Find the doctor that is best for you. Sometimes you may have to kiss a lot of princes (see a lot of different doctors) before finding the perfect one. I made sure that I was being heard, not steam rolled. Bedside manner really matters, along with location. Don’t talk to me as though it’s all in my head or my fault, was my attitude. Lastly, I researched medications and treatments on my own. Once I decided on a treatment plan I stuck to it as much as I could.
  2. Seek out holistic treatments to do along side the doctor’s medical advice.
  3. My father told me once ” stop making plans, tell them you’ll try. That way no one is disappointed and I don’t have to feel guilt ridden.” Damn! Why couldn’t I think of that. I really worked. So every now and then I would make surprised appearences when my body was able. The days of my body responding to dates and time are long gone.
  4. I figured out my flare-up cycles and worked around that. So if there was something I needed to do that was somewhat strenuous I would take 2 prednisone (which is the only time I try to take them), then go hard and collapse for two-three days following. Even my family joined in. This way I alleviated my guilt of not participating and was able to get a few things accomplished. Trust me it helped with the feeling of uselessness.
  5. I believe in the healing power of crystals, so yes I incorporated healing crystals and let me tell you, it worked.
  6. Once my spirituality began to awaken I started studying Archangels and Ascended Masters then discovered even more healing energy.
  7. From there I started learning about carrying past injuries and illnesses from past lives. Which this then triggered my wanting to do a past life regression session to emotionally understand why me. Then you want be able to tell me shit.

Those who are fortunate enough to not have a Chronic disease don’t understand the guilt, shame, regret, fear, self-loathing, impatience and despair that we live with is real and only makes the illness worse. Combine the two then getting up is almost impossible.

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