Betrayal Trauma Healing

Yes, betrayal is a top trigger for trauma, and most of us don’t realize that emotional PST is real. If unchecked or unresolved it will lead to future struggles.

I am not a therapist nor a psychologist however, I have had my share of being betrayed.

If you have been following my blog you know I have spoken about past traumas and heartbreaks, so you will understand the evolution to which I speak. Trust me, it took years to get there. Most heartbreaks came from those I loved, trusted and cared for.

As a person who came into this world untethered, meaning as a foster child I’ve always had somewhat of an independent spirit. Throughout my years of growing up I had three mothers and in hindsight I now see them as spiritual teachers. Why spiritual teachers you ask? Well, each of them left me scared, first (birth) mother taught me abandonement, the second (foster) mother physically abused me and exposed me to sex/promiscuity early, third (adopted) mother was emotionally abusive/neglectful. When I say neglectful, I mean purposely withholding love.