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New Earth energy is here! It is the age of Aquarius and the vibration of this planet is rising. If you have been saying to yourself; Things seem to be more out of control than usual. You would be right, however we must switch our perspective on what’s really going on around us. My true belief is we are in a time of ascension to which we as human beings we have never experienced throughout our lifetime. If you feel more in tuned with nature, Angels, Ancestors, Space, Stars, Moon, Sun, Bodies of Water, Psychic Revelations, Deep Rooted Fear, Unexplained Pains, God, Spirituality, Ascended Masters, The Truth, Energies or even a Healthier Lifestyle you too are being affected. I decided to start this channel to help guide those confused of what is happening. Here I will share different methods of Divinity and Healing. I will be using Healing Crystals, Herbs, Angels, Ascended Masters, Shapes, Numbers, Colors, Synchronicities & much more. Let’s heal and rise together.

Love & Peace


Episode 21: A Cycle of Emotions

“Do we only move out of emotions?”, Ariba asks. We immediately look for feeling slighted, overlooked or attacked. Instead of what do we think about something, it’s usually how do we feel about something. Is that an honest way to the truth? Hint: no, it isn’t.

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  1. I’m Fighting Like Hell To Get My Life Back.
  2. It’s The Dawn of a New Day
  3. Made my first smoothie. I’m so excited it came out deliciously well. Just purchased the Hamilton Beach Pulse. One person serving and portable cup.
  4. Denied!!!!
  5. Dear City…

Meet Your Host

Ariba Joubert

Hello everyone, my name is Ariba & I am so glad you stopped by. As someone who has survived a lot of pain, betrayal, chronic illnesses, emotional abuse, drug addiction, the foster system, loss & abandonment I thought I’d share how I heal myself. In that, I hope to help others to heal.

It’s Time To Heal

I stand for love, kindness, appreciation, oneness, and creation. In this current environment healing and spiritual tools are now needed more than ever. Starting with going back to natural, nature, truth, honesty, genui, inspiration and spirituality. My God, angels, & ancestors help guide me through and to my highest good and true abundance.

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