Fibromyalgia and Isolation


I’ve always have been comfortable by myself. To the point that I have gone to the movies, concerts, traveled and relocated by myself. Not because I didn’t have anyone but simply if I was ready to make a move, being alone didn’t stop me. Now I almost can’t stand being around others. And if I don’t mind the persons company it’s the other stuff that drives me completely out of my mind. I call this my “Oh Shit Is That Today?” list.

1. At any given time I will need to lay my body down. (Kinda rude going to bed when there’s company)

2. Acting as host is such a chore (cooking, cleaning, being conversational) makes it hard to enjoy guest.

3. I experience a heightened sensory to sounds and touch. (makes being in a group stressful)

4. As an apartment dweller I only have one bathroom (one of my symptoms is irritable bowel syndrome) Now I have to wait. 🙂

5. If we are meeting some where, by the time I’ve arrived I am completely miserable ( over exertion, body pain and fatigue) now who’s in the mood for fun after that.

6. Brain fog days come unannounced (now I’m stuck straining to mentally keep up whew!)

7. Because everything thing or interaction is a struggle I am down for 2-3 days following.

8. I am so cranky by the time I get to where I’m going I begin to lash out at everyone I come in close contact with.

Now you tell me how inviting would you be?

Isolation and Fibromyalgia go hand and hand

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromya...

English: Common signs and symptoms of fibromya...
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8 responses to “Fibromyalgia and Isolation”

  1. I completely agree that Isolation and Fibromyalgia go hand in hand. Since my diagnoses including Fibromyalgia, I’ve turned into somewhat of a recluse. The arduous thought of burdening others with my pain constantly stays in the back of my head, so, I just stop talking, but what else can talk of if that is all that is on my brain… It is lonely.

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  3. I couldn’t agree more with the isolation factor. I have been diagnosed with Fibro for over 7 years, and unfortunately people have been less than understanding, including friends and employers. Legalize!

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