Dear City…

I don’t think the concrete jungle is conducive for me, while suffering from fibromyalgia.


I began giving this a closer look after one of my followers on Twitter @itsfibromyalgia  sent a tweet asking where is better to live with fibromyalgia. The choices were Suburbs,  City or Country,  I personally want to retire in the Florida Keys.  OK, let me explain why.

I currently live in Brooklyn of New York City and I have to say being a girl from the suburbs personally can compare the two.  I live on the 3rd floor of a brownstone and though I love my house it is not conducive for someone who at times can barely walk.



I never go any where because the mere thought of having to walk 5 blocks, wait for subway, stand on ride because there’s no seats, climbing subway steps and then having to blocks from subway to location. Grocery shopping, laundry and anything else where lugging large packages doesn’t work for me. Let’s not for get the season changes especially winter and spring are the worse.

So I guess the answer to the question is I need to live in a warm climate on ground floor with car access. That’s it for now.

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Welcome to The Lady Sway blog. I thought with all of the chaos, hate, greed, selfishness, and corruption basically low vibrations here and around the world, it was time for me to look toward better times and higher vibrations.
Since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for I decided to do it myself.

Join me in creating a community of hope, support, spirituality, truth, love, understanding, inner strength, health, togetherness, and life.

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  1. Beautiful apartment- lucky you! I am actually from the Bronx, and when I go back to visit family, it is too intense for me. I went back a few months ago, and the trains weren’t running so I had to take a shuttle bus (after traveling on Amtrak from Albany). The seats were all taken, including the seats for the disabled. I was visibly ill (sweat dripping, hunched in pain) and not one person gave me their seat. I went back to the Bx this past week, and my boyfriend drove me all the way from Albany, because he knows how difficult it is for me to travel. I lived in Raleigh, and that was better for me and my pain. My Dr. said that Florida’s climate is the best match for people with Fibro.


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