mommy-guiltguilt_got-guilt-buttonOkay this is going to be short, sweet and to the point.  As someone who suffers from fibromyalgia also suffers from overwhelming guilt. What do I mean by that? I’ll to you, this syndrome is so inconsistent, it’s impossible to make any futuristic plans. I say that now, even though it’s taken me nine years to reconcile myself to the fact I have now become unreliable.  Which is sad in itself.


For example on Sunday I could speak with my mother to make plans to see her on Wednesday, come Wednesday morning I can’t move due to lack of energy, body pain, stiffness and swelling.   So now here comes the phone call at the last minute trying to explain why I will be a no-show once again.  Usually family members understand after years of dealing with my inconsistent behaviors. However to explain to your boss, today is not a good day, doesn’t go over well.


And let’s not forget the lack of energy equals the lack of household contributions. There are times that my partner has worked 10 hour shifts to come home to a sink of dirty dishes because I can’t muster up the energy to clean. Once again guilt kicks in, I’m just fortunate enough to have someone who understands. However just because they understand does not mean I don’t feel guilty.

So for all you No Shows, there is nothing we can do about that. We have to just be totally honest with those who we deal with on a daily basis whether it’s:  loved ones, employers or the community we can only do what we can do.  So feeling guilty about not being able to participate at will is just something we have to live with. Being guilty only increases the emotionally depressing side of this syndrome.  As a wrap up you can only do what you can do, give the rest to God.  Till next time.





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  1. THANK YOU for voicing this. Not only do we deal with physical and mental/emotional issues due to our FMS, we must also feel GUILTY about it. People don’t realize how sick we are at times, because we don’t “look” it unless it is a truly horrible day. We must spread awareness, and maybe through people knowing (or at least empathizing and believing in our pain), we will feel less guilty. I just began a blog here called, ‘fibromites’. I haven’t done much yet, but I’m trying to dedicate it to two things, awareness to people who do not have FMS and support to those of us unfortunate people who do. Stay STRONG!

    1. Thanks a lot Fibromites I do this for people like you. People who take this Syndrome seriously, not just to promote themselves. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago and not much has changed in that time. Hense my blog which is here to support each other, exchange information and school those who don’t understand. Keep coming back and come join the discussion on twitter See you soon.

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