Breast Cancer Awareness Month.. I need to be examined.


As you know I am a 45 year woman who constantly writes about my life dealing with Fibromyalgia however I am also a woman who is very top heavy meaning my breast size is 40DD and concerned about breast cancer. I haven’t had a mammogram in over 4 years and as I write this I have decided to setup an appointment at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope Brooklyn.

In the meantime I have been examining myself for the past 4 years. I have included guides to self examinations for those of you who don’t know how. I must say that it can be a little confusing as to what is your natural breast masses vs a lump to be concerned with.

I am an Adoptee which adds another level of concern, I was born in New Jersey and now live in New York and neither state allows an adoptee to have access to their family medical history. I wouldn’t know if Cancer, Heart Disease or anything else runs in my blood line. Another reason for me to stay vigilant.

If I discovered I have breast cancer I think I would be just like Wanda Sykes but without the money. I would hope my insurance would cover the operation, because if diagnosed with cancer in one breast I would want to remove and replace both. But what about those woman who don’t have insurance? Would they have the same opportunity?
I’m going to do some research on that topic and get back to you.

I must say that the breast is a tricky organ if it in deed is considered an organ. My breast has always had something of dried that I can squeeze from my nipple. Back 4 years ago during my mammogram I brought this to the attention of the Doctor and Technician and was told that’s some what normal. But once again you never know.

Here’s a video I found to help with examining yourself correctly, but once again don’t be like me and think this is enough. I’m finding that it’s not that I just don’t have the time or it’s not important to me. I beginning to learn I am afraid of results, so that’s why I am going to practice what I preach and just do it.

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