fibromyalgia and sex

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I know this sounds a little crazy but I am space relieved to find that I am not the only one who has no sex life. This is another symptom of fibromyalgia intimacy is very hard at a 18-year-old son and a partner of 10 years that I cannot hug because I am sore and tender to the touch. the slightest touch or pressure hurts extremely, no one understands I believe other than someone else with the same affliction. That’s where I got my idea to create a women’s only site Sirens and Sappho that caters to all women regardless of race status or sexuality. In the decline of my sexual drive a turn to the Internet for stimulation to help and found that it only made me feel cheap and dirty. Everything caters to the satisfaction of named in the using of when and which has never been a turn on for me so hopefully there will be more of us out there where we can discuss and grow our own community to help each other because whether we realize it or not as the article shows below a good sex life is very important physically mentally and emotionally and I would say sometimes spiritually.

fibromyalgia and sex

If you have fibromyalgia, you may also be having problems with your sex life or relationships. You could be experiencing loss of libido or having difficulty with sexual performance. It’s also possible your libido is healthy, but the deep muscle pain and stiffness of fibromyalgia may keep you from enjoying sex the way you used to.

It’s not unusual for people with any chronic illness to complain about having problems with their sex life. But a healthy sex life is important for many reasons. Not only does sex strengthen an intimate relationship, but sexual intercourse boosts endorphins. Those are the body’s natural opioids that help decrease pain and increase well-being. Talking openly with your doctor and following a few practical tips can help you resolve problems associated with fibromyalgia, pain, and sex. Then you can begin to enjoy this aspect of your life again.

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What Causes Loss of Libido With Fibromyalgia?

Some of the medications, such as the SSRI antidepressants like Paxil and Zoloft, used in the treatment of fibromyalgia may cause reduced sex drive. If you take an antidepressant and have problems with libido, talk to your doctor. A simple change of medication or a reduction in dose may improve your sex drive and allow you to enjoy your relationships more.

Also, for some patients, having to deal with the uncomfortable symptoms of fibromyalgia, including the ongoing pain, fatigue, anxiety, and stiffness, is difficult enough without thinking of being physically active with sexual activity. Learning to self-manage these symptoms with medications, exercise, and lifestyle habits may help to boost your sex life.

How Can I Have Sex if I Hurt all Over From Fibromyalgia?

Some fibromyalgia patients give up romantic aspirations for fear of further injury and pain. Yet being intimate with your partner is still possible. With fibromyalgia pain and tender points, you need to work with your partner to find the most comfortable position during sexual intercourse. For instance, if you have fibromyalgia with low back pain, you may find that having your partner on top or lying on his or her side is most comfortable for you. Or, if you’re a woman who has fibromyalgia and hip pain, you might use a pillow between your knees to stabilize your body during sexual intercourse.

Just because you’ve “always had sex this way,” does not mean that’s the only way. You need to be patient, take it slowly, and find the best sexual positions that allow you to be intimate without causing further pain. Keep in mind, there is no right or wrong way to be intimate with your partner.

Can Soaking in a Warm Bath Before Sex Help my Fibromyalgia Pain?

Moist heat, including soaking in a warm bath, can help ease fibromyalgia pain and may allow you to enjoy sexual intercourse — or any exercise — without added pain. Heat increases blood flow to the site and decreases stiffness, important because, along with pain, stiffness is a key symptom of fibromyalgia. Regular moist heat applications or warm baths may help temporarily to alleviate muscle pain or tender point pain, reduce muscle spasms, and decrease inflammation.

When using moist heat, make sure it is not too warm or you can burn your skin. You might soak in a warm bath for at least 15 minutes before sexual intercourse or other physical activity to get the full benefit. You may also soak in a warm bath after sexual intercourse or other physical activity. Other popular types of moist heat include a warm shower (sit on a chair, if needed), warm whirlpool or hot tub, heated swimming pool, and a moist heating pad.

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