Here I am on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon stressed the hell out. As a 45 year old woman who has a history of recovery I work hard to eliminate stress. Not only does it make my illness (fibromyalgia) worse, it also causes unnecessary drama and serves no purpose.

I am discovering that a lot of people in my inner circle/ family thrive off of stress and drama. Is it wrong of me to feel as though I need to separate myself from those who can’t keep it simple and stress free. I believe the answer is no. Life is too short and too hard to have added turmoil.

I catch heat from family that I don’t show up enough, however my mental and physical health is now more important to me than their bullshit. One thing I have discovered with age is, there just are people who can’t operate drama free. Yes addicted to drama. Why should I put my self in harms way or in a negative space because someone else likes it there?

My mottoes are: 1. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 2. what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. 3. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. 4. Treat others as you want to be treated. See simple. Focus on the solution not the problem. If I can’t solve it that’s when I give it to God. Stress solves nothing.

I guess that’s it for now..thanks for listening.


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