Self-Healing is reached in many ways.

Last Sunday, we went out looking for a classy but not over the top breakfast spot with solid vegan options. We found all that and more at Poppy Seed, nested on a quiet Newtown side street.

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Hi, I’m Ariba, founder of Ariba rising

I am a self – healing author, fibromyalgia blogger, and content creator, exploring healing from all over the world. Inside and out. Expect healing recipes, reviews, and an occasional video! I hope you enjoy!


  • Denied!!!!

    So I finally received a decision from SSDI. It’s a big fat NO!!! Am I surprised? No I am not. It seems as though they automatically deny all applications. I’m struggling now but not at my worse since the weather hasn’t completely switched. The Winter and Spring are the hardest times of the year. I’m…


  • Dear City…

    I don’t think the concrete jungle is conducive for me, while suffering from fibromyalgia.   I began giving this a closer look after one of my followers on Twitter @itsfibromyalgia  sent a tweet asking where is better to live with fibromyalgia. The choices were Suburbs,  City or Country,  I personally want to retire in the Florida Keys.…


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